Sunday, May 27, 2012

Part Three: Banners, Logos, and more....

as I was saying, it was time to change the look and feel of my website to ensure that my customers could tell immediately what we offer.  I checked alot of websites and their previous work and decided on Winchester Lambourne on Etsy.  She just knew right from the start what was needed and I highly recommend her. We worked together on the Banners, sweet little logo, and 2 product inserts.

After that was completed, it was time for my business materials. Ordering business cards, professional hang tags, and labels. I decided to stay with my tried and true resources. For business cards I use Vistaprint as they are the most economically priced, and for my hang tags I use Print Runner. I have found their customer service to be wonderful, and their return response time superb. For my labels, I can't say enough about my choice on those as well.  Dianna, at Custom Couture Labels, has some pretty awesome deals.

Adding my banners to my sites went smoothly. Adding all the products was a chore though since I had added the name of Nana G Creations on most of my product photo's. So I'm still in the process of retaking pictures or attempting to fix the one's I can't retake. It's still very much a work in progress, so you may see Nana G Creations name on some for awhile.

I hope you found some of my journey helpful if you ever decide to get started on your own.  So as of today, my website is open for business - Snugglebug Baby &ME, and my Etsy and Artfire shop will soon follow.

Thanks for taking the time to follow my journey.

The Beginning....