Thursday, March 22, 2012

Part Two: How I started re-positioning - "The Name"

I've told you why I wanted to re-brand/re-position Nana G Creations, so here is my journey.

Step 1 - was to come up with the name.  I wanted it to be cute, whimsical, and timeless. Snuggle Bug Baby has been a nick name for babies for as long as I can remember. From Newborns to around five or six years of age, child love to snuggle up with their parents. Parents call their children their little Snuggle Bugs, or Cuddle Bugs from the time they are born.  I know for me personally, all my children where snuggle bugs.

Since the name is popular, and I produce more than just baby products, I wanted to also include another name factor that would stand out.. "ME".  I thought that would encompass the Mom's, Grandparents, and such. So now, I found a name that I love that truly says what I'm all about. Great right?

Step 2 - Is the name available? When you want to begin selling online, you need to exhaust every avenue of making sure that you can use the name on every media that you plan on using, such as websites (Etsy, Artfire, website, blogger, Word Press, Facebook, etc). First and foremost is check to see if the name is available as a .com. I went to Go Daddy and found the name was available...Awesome! Etsy, well there were several Snuggle shops, some for babies, and some that had nothing to do with them, so I guess those sellers just fell in love with the name as I did.  Okay, moving forward to Artfire (in the event I want to eventually open a shop there) and it's open on that one, Awesome! Blogspot, available! Last was Facebook, Available, I'm on a roll.. Twitter... :(  Taken, but I was able to find that SnuggleBugBBMe was available.

Step 3 - So, once I found that each of my tended web places that I wanted for a presence was available, I went to work securing each of them, starting with purchasing a domain. I had already months ago signed up for the free site through Supa Dupa when they were offering an introduction offer. I learned through the process of opening Nana G Creations, that you need to make sure that your eggs are not in one basket, and your business name is on several venues.

Once I secured all the different sites for Snuggle Bug Baby & ME, it was time to come up with a Banner/Avatar/logo so stay tuned for that journey.... to be continued..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Journey in Setting up a New Website

I've been into this process for the last several weeks, so I will need to go back a little ways and catch up.

The Idea:

I've been thinking about a rebranding of Nana G Creations ("NGC") for about 6 months. I've gone back and forth with the indecision, should I, or shouldn't I? I opened NGC in October 2010 with my own website, opened a free shop on Art Fire in March of 2010 and converted to a pro shop in October 2010, a Zibbet shop in October, then in February 2011 I set up shop at Etsy.  Why so many? To get my business name in as many places on the web as I can.

Each website has been able to generate enough income to justify any fees I am paying, so I'm thankful for that. Lately though, the sales have been really picking up and I'm staying very busy.

Okay back to the original idea on why I am re-branding myself.  Although I love Nana G Creations, the name does not immediately tell a buyer exactly what I specialize in. I originally envisioned NGC as a selling site that would include other items that I love to make as well as baby products. It hasn't turned out as I originally planned, and therefore, the idea to make a big change and give my baby products a deserving name was born.

Part 2 - How I started out re-branding is next. to be continued.........

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just getting started


I'm just getting started with getting everything up and ready for my new launch. Stay tuned!