Monday, January 12, 2015

Welcome 2015!

I didn't make any New Year Resolutions, did you?  I'm not one that likes the idea of not meeting my goals.  What I do instead, is to make lists of things I would like to accomplish and a date to finish.  I make sure that I don't overwhelm myself and make it so that I can succeed.

I list things that are either my hobbies or passions.  If it is a crochet or knitting project, I take the pattern or site where it is on the web, gather the items needed and put it all together.  Personal goals are added to my calendar. 

So far, I have a goal to make 50 charity hats for 2 orphanages that I contributed to in 2014. That deadline is in November so I should have no problem meeting that one.  I also want to find a local organization to donate my time with.  Something maybe to do with babies (no brainer, right).

I also want to do some give away raffles.  I would think that any of my customers would love that.. What do you think would be a good give away for me?  Give me some suggestions..

I'd also love to do some YouTube tutorials.

Well, hopefully I'll be better at posting in 2015..