Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Journey in Setting up a New Website

I've been into this process for the last several weeks, so I will need to go back a little ways and catch up.

The Idea:

I've been thinking about a rebranding of Nana G Creations ("NGC") for about 6 months. I've gone back and forth with the indecision, should I, or shouldn't I? I opened NGC in October 2010 with my own website, opened a free shop on Art Fire in March of 2010 and converted to a pro shop in October 2010, a Zibbet shop in October, then in February 2011 I set up shop at Etsy.  Why so many? To get my business name in as many places on the web as I can.

Each website has been able to generate enough income to justify any fees I am paying, so I'm thankful for that. Lately though, the sales have been really picking up and I'm staying very busy.

Okay back to the original idea on why I am re-branding myself.  Although I love Nana G Creations, the name does not immediately tell a buyer exactly what I specialize in. I originally envisioned NGC as a selling site that would include other items that I love to make as well as baby products. It hasn't turned out as I originally planned, and therefore, the idea to make a big change and give my baby products a deserving name was born.

Part 2 - How I started out re-branding is next. to be continued.........

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