Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Green Onions-All year long?

I recently discovered that we can have Green Onions (Scallions) any time of year, any time we want, and never have to pay for them again. How? You grow them yourself. I didn't believe this was possible, so I had to do it myself. In 2 weeks I had grown my own Green Onions and they taste fresh as the ones I purchased at our grocery store.

Here's how it's done: First, grab some onions that you plan to cook with or add to your green salad.

Then, cut off those white stem roots that you don't use and usually throw away.

Then, take those white stem roots and put them in a glass of water.

Wait about 2 weeks making sure that you keep enough water in the glass to cover the stalks about 1/2 way up, and you will have fresh onions. I just put mine on a window sill in my kitchen that gets minimum sun. 

The Green Onions in the Glass came from the White Stem Ends
My test only used a few stems, but if you usually use 6 or 7 onions at a time, you can stagger your growing time by waiting 4 or 5 days before making a second batch. 

That's it for this little money saving tidbit. Hope you liked it!

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